You didn’t think I could just show one home in need of TLC on a WTH Wednesday and not follow it up with some cool details of Golden Hill…right?Wouldn’t want to disappoint the 3 people that actually read these posts! So, right to it…Rather than just taking pictures of the homes of Golden Hill–most of them seem a bit shy anyway, hidden by greenery or gates in some cases. I snapped pictures of a few things that caught my eye that won’t typically be found outside vintage places.

I love the details in these bricks. I wonder what the intended significance was and what the owner used on the rocks and bricks to make them so shiny?


So interesting to find these scales in the walkway entrance to a house…


This gazebo looked so happily situated–I can well picture cozying up to read a book here.


Details like this always evoke a European estate…


Love the “Elephant Ears” –very Victorian!


The fountain is a lovely touch! and what an absolutely beautiful day it was…

It really was lovely of the Golden Hill homeowners who opened up their homes to the attendees of Indiana Landmarks annual meeting.

The meeting took place at the Woodstock Club and the content, of course, was inspiring–showing a number of before and after photos–and gave me goosebumps. Charming anecdotes about some key people in Indiana preservation: Bill Cook: I don’t know you but thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so classy and generous–all Hoosiers present and future owe you a debt of gratitude; Sandi Servaas–to be put in my heroine hall of fame, alongside the likes of May Wright Sewall–and her energy, foresight and sense of humor: what an inspiration! Eli Lilly: “lucky” doesn’t begin to touch the depth of how Hoosiers should feel about Eli Lilly being the trail blazing preservationist he was; Roll McLaughlin, one of the most humble and sweet people you will ever meet in your life who has left an indelible mark on our state with his indefatigable work. He is incredibly eloquent and gracious and I feel honored to have met him on several occasions (and hope to on many more).

Congratulations to Indiana Landmarks on the occasion of their 50th anniversary. And thanks for the champagne and cake. Entities like Indiana Landmarks and people like those of Indiana Landmarks, and the aforementioned, give me hope for the future of this humble Hoosier state…if you agree, please consider celebrating with a donation to the not-for-profit devoted to Hoosier heritage and preservation …or consider becoming a member.

Cheers! …and many more!

Happy 50th to Indiana Landmarks