Another Delaware Street beauty.

It’s a lovely old mansion, former home to Hoosier author, Meredith Nicholson (born December 9, 1866 in Crawfordsville, Indiana) and now home to Indiana Humanities, who “promote the public humanities and engage Indiana‚Äôs community of minds to create stronger, more vibrant communities. Using literature, history, art, music, philosophy and our shared cultural heritage, we strive to help Hoosiers better understand themselves and the world around them.” Sounds like a cause we can all support, doesn’t it?

Looking forward to seeing the candles in the windows this season. Look for it at 1500 N. Delaware Street, across from another favorite, City Gallery and the Harrison Center for the Arts.

Marker in front of the Indiana Humanities/ Meredith Nicholson Home


3 responses to “Favorite Fridays: Meredith Nicholson Indiana Humanities House”

  1. "Uncle Dave" Osborn says:

    ““` Agreed, she’s a beaut. But the overall appearance of a historic exterior is radically altered, like it or not, when modern “low-e” windows replace original wood mullions and muntins, or steel casements, or whatever. Why can’t we upgrade original windows with better glass, rather than ripping them out and starting over? Float plate glass will never compare to the older material, complete with its charming ripples, bulges, bubbles, and other imperfection. Imho.

  2. "Uncle Dave" Osborn says:

    ““` Even the historical marker you photographed and included (thank you for the pics, by the way,) refers to the home’s “multi-panel windows,” which it DOESN’T HAVE. Architectural dictionaries actually SPECIFY that grids placed between two sheets of glass are not considered muntins.

  3. gEORGE hANLIN says:

    Actually what you’re seeing in this photo is the reflection of the storm windows. The historic windows still remain (yes, nearly six years after this post), and in fact Indiana Humanities is investing significant resources to restore them. Come by for a visit soon!

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