Who doesn’t love this place?

I LOVE Union Station. When the Indiana State Preservation Conference held a lunch program there this past April, it was the first opportunity I’d had to sit for a period of time and bask in the atmosphere. It’s got such a warm aura, I can only imagine it in its heyday, with thousands of people passing through here on a daily basis. Fair enough, any city that still has a Union Station inspires awe, but I adore the Indianapolis incarnation. Our city may claim the distinction of having the first Union Station in the country. She’s a beauty–her grandeur and elegance prompt dreams of visiting the past. By train.

3 responses to “Favorite Fridays: Union Station”

  1. Donna Winsted says:

    When I was growing up in Indy, it was still a train station – I took a train from there in the 1960s. Then it went into decay and desolation for a while. I was lucky enough to attend the press party at the rehabilitation celebration of this beautiful place back inn the mid-1980s. I, too, love this place SO much!!! It actually does radiate warmth and love!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Uncle Dave OSborn says:

    ““` As a teen, I went there to gawk at the architecture, when there was one train a week still stopping there. AmTrak had barricaded across the Grand Hall with hideous plywood partitions, to keep passengers from wandering where they weren’t wanted (which was everywhere but door-to-ticket-counter-and-back.)

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