Due to the large population increase of downtown in 1890-1920, the addition of apartments was absolutely necessary; Fletcher Place was one neighborhood that built flats very early during this increase. The irregularly shaped Fletcher Place neighborhood was one of the “first developments adjacent to the Mile Square” and housed many residents that were significant in regards to the “architecture, religion, commerce, education, and social life in the city.” (Interim Report, Center Township, Marion County, Indiana Historic Site & Structures Inventory, 1991) Named after Calvin Fletcher, Sr. (1798-1866), who originally owned the land as his farm, which he called Wood Lawn. Born in Ludlow, Vermont, Fletcher came to Indianapolis in 1821 to set up a law practice with Ovid Butler (founder of Butler University) and Simon Yandes; he was also the director of the State Bank of Indiana for 16 years and appointed to the Indianapolis Board of School Trustees (IHPC Fletcher Place Historic District Survey, 1980). He also donated funds to the construction of many early churches downtown, including the Fletcher Place United Methodist Church, which was built on the site of the early Fletcher home (IHPC Survey, 1980).