Hoosiers will never be said to lack in appreciation for the veterans and heroes who have served our nation.
Beam with pride wherever you encounter a veteran, because you, dear Hoosier, may rightfully brag that Indianapolis is second only to Washington D.C. in acreage and number of monuments dedicated to honoring veterans.
Well kept green spaces dotted with monuments, statues, sculptures and fountains in the heart of our beloved “Circle City” may not be taken for granted on a day we reflect on, honor and respect those who have fought for the freedoms we Americans enjoy.
With that in mind, enjoy a few views from the epicenter of our city and our most famous monument honoring our soldiers and sailors when they were shiny and new.
And let this be a reminder to thank a veteran today!

And for local trivia lovers:

Height of Victory statue: 38 feet

Height of Monument including Foundation: 314 feet, 6 inches
Architect: Bruno Schmitz
Sculptor: Rudolph SchwarzSSMONUMENT08
The Diameter of the Plaza: 342 feet, 7 inches
Monument Foundation: 69×53 feet
“On the south front there are two colossal figures sculptured out of solid block of stone–one to represent Infantry, the other a Cavalry Scout–and on the north are the Artillery and Navy representatives, same as on the south. On the east and west sides of the terrace there are large and magnificent cascades, over which flow 7,000 gallons of water per minute on each side.”


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