Anyone else love just randomly wandering the streets of our fair metropolis? In an historic neighborhood, of course…

This one caught my eye some weeks back as I was meandering through the streets of Chatham Arch. Lucky ducks, they are, living walking distance to Mass Ave…

I’ve got at least five things I love about this place–from the shape of the door and windows, the fabulous address number and street placement to its bright and tidy appearance–and my inclination towards brick homes. Love this. What tends to capture your attention when wandering the neighborhoods?

5 responses to “Friday Favorite: Chatham Arch”

  1. Linda Melton says:

    Your post caught my eye this morning because one of my favorite photos of my grandmother was taken in front of this home when she lived there probably in the 1920’s!

  2. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Would love to see that!

  3. Mary Ann Doneth says:

    I am Linda’s cousin and Olga Wernsing Oberting was my grandma, too. I love seeing this house looking beautiful!

  4. Karen May says:

    I love seeing this photo. I’m Mary Ann’s (above) sister and Linda’s cousin. I lived down the street from this house in 1989. It was great being so close to a home my grandmother had lived in. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Herbie says:

    I kissed the girl that lived in this house with her dad in about 63/64

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