First thing you might think about today’s favorite: “Just hop on the bus, Gus…” and while there may be “50 Ways to Leave your Lover,” there doesn’t seem to be ONE for getting the school bus parking lot easing on down the road. (Music on the mind today)

With all the amazing things happening on Mass Ave, you’d think the buses would be outta here by now. Yet, they remain. With the new development going on adjacent, perhaps the tipping point on this property is soon to follow? Just seems tragic that this hasn’t been re-purposed yet. Pretty much everyone is in agreement, aren’t we: it’d be great to see live-work or condos above/ retail below. And it seems with the renaissance of the rest of the area, it’s ripe for just such a project. There was talk  of something like that a few years ago, yet it never came to fruition. Was it money or reluctance on the part of IPS, or both? Also, if there was enough demand for business to sustain it, a redo that ends up like the Helms Bakery in Culver City, California would be awesome.

This building opened to the public in September 1931, cost $500,000 to construct the original set of buildings and was designed by Rubush and Hunter and built by the William P. Jungclaus Construction Company– just across the street from this building. The campus continued to expand, adding more buildings and space in the coming decades, at one time, purportedly cranking out more bottles than any other bottling plant in the country.

The terra cotta is awe-inspiring, manufactured by the Indianapolis Terra Cotta Company. Don’t you see this as a great place for commercials, photo shoots and movie scenes? What would your ideal scenario for this space look like?