Indianapolis original, Crown Hill Cemetery has many merits, but the Waiting Station is a beautiful architectural remnant of our city’s early history and most certainly a favorite.

Crown Hill front gate, one of the best entry points in the city

Built in 1885 and designed by Adolph Scherer, the basement now houses the Genealogical Society of Marion County and upstairs, offices for the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation.

Vintage view of the Waiting Station and front gate

Want more? If you missed it a few months ago, check out 16 other seldom recalled facts about the rest of the cemetery.

Similar view towards Waiting Station and front gate

Want a full tour of the place? You’re invited, right here and now:

7 responses to “Friday Favorite: Crown Hill Waiting Station & Entry”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Will stay with THIS one! This area and the former Fairview Park area are definitely unique for Indianapolis!

  2. Janie Hensley says:

    When my sister and I visited Indy the end of June we went to Crown Hill (I wanted to leave coins on James Whitcomb Riley’s grave — they still do that and the money goes to the children’s hospital) Anyway, while we were at Crown Hill we saw a deer just wandering around. I am use to that happening here in Tennessee, but was surprised to find a deer in the middle of Indianapolis.

  3. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    I saw a deer there once too, and no one I’ve told believes me!

  4. Tom Davis says:

    Janie and Tiffany,,

    I can vouch for the fact that there are deer at Crown Hill cemetery and have been for going on 20 years at least.. I would say that on at least half of the tours I give in the evening we will see at least one deer, probably more. I have learned to just be quiet for awhile when I see that the crowd is watching something over my shoulder more than they’re looking at me. Sometimes you’ll see one or two in the middle of the day as well. Here’s proof: My wife has a photo of six bucks grazing to the left of the fountain just down the road from the 34th Street gate.

    I’ve also run across deer at the Arts Park at the Art Museum and once even saw one in the middle of Guion Road underneath the 38th St./I65 bridges which isn’t a very good place to be a deer. My wife has seen at least one on the Monon Trail a little north of the White River. And of course we see them a lot at Eagle Creek Park.

  5. Robert R Bass Jr. says:

    Just a side note, I worked at Crown Hill in 1955 and 1956 in the summer watering flowers that were in pots by graves. I was 15,16. There was a beautiful tower and gate house on the south west corner of the cemetery too at the corner of about 32nd and MLK, then called Northwestern Ave up to the 38th st intersection when it becomes Michigan Road. Maybe someone could find a photo of that since it has been torn down.

  6. basil berchekas jr says:

    An excellent reuse for an historic building! (It may be “sacrireligious” (spelling?) to say this, but they could have a small coffee and “lite” pastry shop there for visitors (maybe not those goingt o attend a funeral, but other visitors…)

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