Who doesn’t love the DePew Fountain in University Park?

Designed by Karl Bitter and created by Sterling Calder in 1919–the base is pink granite and the dancing figures are bronze. The fountain was a gift to Indianapolis from Emma Ely Depew, in memory of her husband, Richard Johnson DePew M.D. for a life spent giving untiring service to his fellow men. Though Dr. DePew had died in 1887, it wasn’t until Mrs. DePew died in 1913, that the fountain was built from a $50,000 bequest from her estate to the city of Indianapolis, with the direction for its placement to be: “in some park or public place where all classes of people may enjoy it.”

In June 2011, the dedicatory plaque that had been embedded in part of the north side of the fountain was stolen and missing for a number of years. It was either found or recreated, because as of May 2019, the plaque is back!

If this isn’t your favorite fountain in the city, which is?

3 responses to “Friday Favorite: DePew Fountain”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    This would be my favorite; I prefer the citywide approach done in Kansas City (Missouri), starting with the Plaza, they have fountains throughout their park and boulevard system (earning them the nickname of “city of fountains”) (just HAD to throw that in!)

  2. Elizabeth Ruddell says:

    Where in Indianapolis is the fountain located?

  3. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    I didn’t realize I hadn’t said that it’s in University Park. I guess I assumed (poorly) that everyone knows this fountain. Apologies, Elizabeth and thanks for asking!

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