Sadly, it was brought to our attention yesterday that one of our favorite sculptures, the southern of two eagles in front of Old City Hall was suddenly MIA, after the installation of some giant signs for the really cool IDADA event, Turf, which will be premiering tonight. Obviously, this accident shouldn’t keep anyone away from the event, in fact, perhaps it’ll increase PR? We heard from city official’s shortly after being alerted by our reader, Noel Fliss about the missing eagle. That eagle is one of two and all that remains from the Traction Terminal Building (that used to stand at Market and Capitol Streets) and are made of limestone. Having just been taking photos 48 hours before, it was shocking to learn of the accident. I was told that the eagle was taken to Herron and that repair was being looked into. This one hurts my heart,– here’s wishing the eagle a speedy recover, and flight back to his perch!

One response to “Friday Favorite Extra: Traction Terminal Eagles”

  1. Tristan says:

    Nooo! Once so noble, no so broken. Kind of like our democracy?

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