Who doesn’t love the Fountain Square Theatre Building? Designed by architect Frank Hunter, fellow architect and brother of  Edgar O. Hunter (of Rubush & Hunter), it opened in 1928 and closed in 1960. The signage alone is gorgeous, but the throw back diner, duck pin bowling and cocktail spot are all great additions to the area.

Bonus points to them for spelling “Theatre” in the traditional English way; some of us are purists. When did you last visit or pass by? And what is your favorite feature?


7 responses to “Friday Favorite: Fountain Square Theatre Building”

  1. Chuck Schafer says:

    My favorite feature of the Fountain Square Building is the surface ornamentation in glazed terra cotta.

  2. Raina Regan says:

    My favorite part is the fourth floor duckpin bowling. This is hands down one of my favorite buildings in Indianapolis!

  3. Neil Rockwell says:

    The diner serves just about the best chocolate malts you’ll ever find. It’s a great treat during a First Friday Art Tour.

  4. Jim says:

    These aren’t architectural features, but here’s what I love: The End of the Line Public House; Imbibe, which has the best bartender in the city (Brian Jones); the Rooftop Garden in the summer; and the Fountainview Inn, which really is a hidden gem.

  5. Joe says:

    My favorite part is Linton Calvert who has single handedly brought the theatre back to relevance. In doing so he has brought Fountain Square back.

    I also echo the rooftop restaurant. A unique and wonderful dining experience in Indy. i am surprised more restaurants haven’t picked up on that concept.

  6. Dale Mortenbeck says:

    Well Raina your just a young pup. When I was upstairs at the 4th floor it was just a bowling alley (late 1940s) I being about 10-12 years old, didn’t know how to keep score. One of the workers for the bowling alley did it for me.
    He let me play four or five game as he kept score for me racking up my bill more cost then I had on me.
    They let me hand them my watch as I ran home to get some cash.
    P.S. I wasn’t very good at bowling or keeping score.

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