Built in 1875, you can’t help but stare when  you come across the Gothic Chapel on a drive through Crown Hill.

Originally named the Gothic Vault

Made of  Indiana limestone

Architect: D.H. Bohlen (buried at Crown Hill) who also designed City Market and Tomlinson Halll

Cost $38,922.25 to build

James  Whitcomb Riley’s mortal remains rested here for over a year before he was buried on the highest point in Crown Hill in 1917.

When did you last visit Crown Hill and what are some of your favorite parts?

The building has had restorations in 1971, and in 2004-05




7 responses to “Friday Favorite: Gothic Chapel, Crown Hill”

  1. Laura Bade Limbach says:

    I have recently been to the Gothic Chapel for a visitation. Afterwards, I drove through Crown Hill. I love the beautiful headstones. The many recognizable names such as Ayres, Irsay, and of course, James Whitcomb Riley. It’s a beautiful place and so full of history.

  2. basil berchekas jr says:

    Its been awhile, but I’ll stay with this tremendous blog. Forget the name of the farmer who owned this land prior to cemetery purchase, but am aware that the Armstrong family farmed the land immediately west before setting up the Indianapolis Ice Company at 30th and the railroad (former line to Chicago moved west in about 1912).

  3. Norm Morford says:

    Has that chapel been used for anything other than funerals, etc.? E.g, weddings, baptisms, or something else?

  4. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    I believe it is now available for rental, so that would be yes. Tom Davis would be the best person to ask any detailed/ Crown Hill related questions!

  5. Tom Davis says:

    Norm, There are several weddings there each year and occasional dinners and events. About ten years ago a church used it for services on Sunday mornings for awhile. It is available for rent. Contact the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation ( if interested.

  6. sandra cook says:

    Crown hill is so beautiful and i have lived by it most of my life it used to have marvelous fruit trees with large pears cherries and apples the Gothic chapel has always been lovely and upon touring the gardens it has a underpast to thirty -eight street

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