**update**This was originally titled as French Gothic, but after Tim Jensen’s comment, we have reconfirmed with our resident Architectural Historian, Raina Regan that it is indeed a Gothic Revival. So, replacing French Gothic with the appropriate term. **

Central is another one of those streets that doesn’t get it’s due notice for some lovely bits of architecture. How many Gothic Revival Cottages do we have left in this town? Well, I’m not sure, but I know I love this one. If you’ve got others to alert us all to, please leave a comment! Have a fab Friday!


5 responses to “Friday Favorite: Gothic Revival, 1925 North Central Avenue”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Had a friend of the family (he ought to be in his early 70s now, but still “kicking”!) who grew up in a French Gothic-designed house at 2045 North Central. It’s been “cleared” years ago, but he lived in it till the early 1980s after his mother passed. Speaking of homes being “cleared” in Center Township, this particular person was, ironically, a Deputy Center Township Assessor for 13 years!

  2. Kristi Anderson says:

    I too think this home is beautiful. I have been lucky enought to attend a Christmas Open House and it was just lovely.

  3. Tim Jensen says:

    Isn’t the style Carpenter Gothic, or Gothic Revival? I don’t think I’d refer to this cottage as “French Gothic.” There’s a more substantial version (in brick) of this style of house on Broadway between 13th and 15th. Complete with gargoyles on the roof…..

  4. ken williams says:

    Though I do not believe they are Gothic Revival there are two homes on N Central that have been saved from the wrecking ball. Last year I was looking for 2016 and 2034 N. Central and found them both still standing. Hiram and Rose Brown owned and lived in 2016 central Avenue in 1900 and then owned and lived at 2032 central Avenue in the 20s and 30s. Hirman Brown took over the family owned L M. Brown Abrastct Co.This was the first abstract co in Indianapolis. The Browns had a dauther Helen who married Victor Engelhart Jr of Louisvill Kentucky. The Engelhart family bussiness was the largest coffee and spice importer in Louisvill at the time. The Englehart home in Louisvill Ky. is on the National Record Of Historic Places I believe it is more fun to research the people as well as the home. I sent pictures of these two homes to a sweet 87 year old grand dauther in law of the Browns who still lives in Louisvill. These Browns have a beautiful three family plot in Crown Hill cemetary here in Indianapolis. Is there such a thing as an grand dauther in law ?

  5. basil berchekas jr says:

    There used to be one at 2045 North Central owned by a family friend who had it demolished after his mother passed. Its unfortunate in that he grew up in this neighborhood when it was still considered a “middle class” area with active neighborhood businesses and a number of famiiy members in this area active in, say, Meridian Street United Methodist and North Methodist churches, prominent professionals, etc.

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