Every once in a while, you’ll be wandering around a part of the city that isn’t in your regular regimen and stumble across or rediscover a building, park, site, marker, or some other bright ray of gleaming history that improves your day. This place always grabs my attention–usually from the vantage point of the highway–the former Horace Mann School Number 13.

It’s been converted into condos, as you can see from the sign (below). Turns out it was built circa 1873 and designed by Edwin F. May, who also designed the Exposition Building that used to sit at 19th and Alabama Streets (before the State Fair was moved to its current home in 1892, and the Exposition Building was bulldozed to create Morton Place). May also designed the Indiana State Capitol (finished by Adolph Scherrer).

Brick Italianates are not as profuse as they once were in Indianapolis, but glad to see this one in Holy-Rosary Neighborhood on the south side is still around and was preserved after it discontinued use as a school in the early 1970’s. What a delight to run into this today–walking distance to Fountain Square and even better, my favorite Turkish restaurant!

Do you know anyone who attended school here? Charming neighborhood and more exploration of the area is in my upcoming calendar!