Surely you’ve noticed: each year, there are more Indy-focused, Indy-promoting, Indy-loving entities populating  the grid. It’s awesome watching, but even more thrilling to be considered part of that movement. We’re having a great time growing people’s passion for the city–“seven days a week of falling in love with Indy through its history,” is how we roll.

It’s extra exciting when you get to time-share an online billboard with other businesses and organizations you admire, respect or just found out you need to know. That being said, thank you to the kind soul or souls who nominated HI for the “Build Indy” recognition/ award–even if we don’t win, we do win, because we have so many amazing groups working their tails off to make Indy better.

Historic has been named one of ten “Build Indy”  finalists. Thank you, Formstack– it’s such an honor to be acknowledged this way and in such top-notch company. At the May 16 party at the Speakeasy, where the winner will be announced, also offers cash to a runner-up–with the amount determined by ticket sales. Get your tickets now, $10 per person.


Full disclosure: if we win the prize, we would use funds to pay the fees associated with becoming a bonafide not-for-profit entity. That’s what’s next for HI. (And if you would like to contribute to that endeavor, we do have a donation button at the bottom of the page).

Also: voting just opened for Nuvo’s annual “Best Of” competition, which HI won in 2012.

There are so many bests here, it’ll undoubtedly be a brutal battle, but HI would love to win again in 2013 and would greatly appreciate your vote, if you feel it is merited.

HI readers are constantly learning about the city–from histories of vintage apartment buildings, to unique views of the city, to Then & Now views you never would have imagined to thoroughly researched responses to random reader questions (and ok, WTH Wednesdays)–we all put blood, sweat and tears into bringing Indianapolis something no other city can boast.

Want to show the HI writers how much you appreciate their work? Come here often? Then please consider taking a couple minutes to show the love by voting for Historic as your favorite local website/ blog– which you will find in the Media/ Art category (you don’t have to answer/ fill in every question if you don’t want to, btw).

Thanks to all of you for reading, participating and loving Indy. Together, we can make Indy a better place!

2 responses to “Friday Favorite: Local Love”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Voted! HI!

  2. Dawn Olsen says:

    I wish I had something more intelligent than “WOO! EXCITED!” to say, but, really, that’s my gut reaction. And, really, I am. Everyone needs to take the time to vote!

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