It’s one of the few standout flatiron buildings the city has left and is located just outside the northwestern most corner of the “Mile Square.” Built in 1927 and designed by the architectural firm, Rubush & Hunter, this is our city’s biggest reminder of Madame C. J. Walker’s tenure in and contribution to Indianapolis.

The building’s exterior glimmers gold, but seems to change color in varying lights. The interior decor is sort of ‘Art Deco in Egypt,’ and what an inspiring place it is to see a show. If anything were to be amended about the place, how about putting back The Coffee Pot, as seen here.

Obviously this is the most opulent trace of the rich African-American heritage of Indiana Avenue. Gone are the Jazz joints and little family-owned businesses that used to jam pack this avenue as it seems to be filled more nowadays with IUPUI students and visitors and workers at the nearby hospitals.

Extra points to the Walker complex for spelling Theatre in the traditional, British way. Classy touch, much like Madame C. J.–first self-made female millionaire– herself.


2 responses to “Friday Favorite: Madame Walker Theatre”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Must follow the story on this unique Indianapolis structure…

  2. Rob Valdez says:

    It would be keen if they offered tours of this fine old theatre.

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