Ever had a street you enjoy that you don’t drive every day–just every now and then– and within said street, there is a property you look forward to seeing–sort of like an old friend?

Every single time I head north on Illinois Street, I look forward to these couple Victorian homes before Fall Creek. Anyone else?

3 responses to “Friday Favorite: North Illinois at Fall Creek”

  1. Jim says:

    I know it’s outside the old city limits, but every time I head north on Michigan Road I look forward to seeing the 1832 Boardman House in Augusta (between 71st and 79th).

  2. basil berchekas jr says:

    North of Fall Creek, the North Indianapolis addition was the first to accomodate the auto into its design, although the streetcar was definitely “written in” in the neighborhood’s design. Also, Dr Isaac Mansur farmed most of this land north of Fall Creek and had some of it used as a temporary military camp during the Civil War. Later he developed his farm as part of the North Indianapolis addition. The Armstrong family further northwest along Michigan Road (north of what is now West 30th Street) developed their farm in teo segments; part of North Indianapolis and a more exclusive area known as Armstrong Park; now the !Woodstock Club and Golden Hill (later completed by the carriage maker and early auto maker Mr Parry). Just trivia again

  3. Philip Dalbey says:

    I live in a log cabin rather behind the Boardman house. The address is 3150 West 77th St, or as it says on my land survey 77th street was called Meridian Street of Augusta, Indiana. I bought it in 2004 and finally got up my nerve to remove 3 layers of siding to reveal the logs. There was no chinking between the logs (now there is) and have wondered if it started out as a barn for the Boardmans, since log barns usually were not chinked. It seems to be on a Pike Township map drawn by hand in 1889… the first record I’ve found of it’s existence.

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