This is one you’d have to go looking for; it’s not like you’re just going to chance upon it, since there’s no through-way and it abuts the highway that excised a substantial swath between Old Northside and St. Joseph historic neighborhoods. I love this house: the porch, the glass circle with the house number, the tower and its cap–what a stunner. I am inclined to believe this one will one day have a marker in front of it, since it is also a former home of Governor Frank O’Bannon and First Lady, Judy O’Bannon. You don’t see too many like this one. It’s a fave.

3 responses to “Friday Favorite: On Broadway”

  1. John Ketzenberger says:

    The O’Bannons used to host cook-outs for the media at this wonderful house. They were great hosts and Mrs. O’Bannon loved to show off the garden she planted and maintained with neighborhood kids.

  2. basil berchekas jr says:

    To think the whole area was “made” of houses like this at one time; similar to Arlington Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama…

  3. Jeff Downer says:

    One year as a Halloween theme the O’Bannons had one of those inflatable gorillas climbing on the that turret just like King Kong. Lol

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