Following the trail of any one person’s life can be fascinating and addictive. You can follow a physical trail: where  a person lived, traveled or worked; A person’s social contributions: clubs, community involvement and the like; or, the work life–especially for men, if exploring worlds of 100+ years ago.

Ever liked the game “Concentration?” You have to memorize where a bunch of face-down cards are turned over, two at a time, seeking to find two alike. Like connecting the dots, but with lots more memorization. A fun history game for those who know a bit about the city and its players is similar, where you look for former titans of industry and their connections through the city. Such games are probably easiest at a place like Crown Hill.

So many names stand out when you are familiar with old pieces of Indy. Here is one example, an easy game to play for the most observant among us. Seeing this lovely mausoleum with the name Severin should immediately transport you to the southeast corner of Illinois and Virginia Streets, to our oldest surviving downtown hotel.

Also briefly known as the Atkinson and currently, the Omni-Severin, it will always just be the Severin to purists. Brought into being by successful businessman and Indianapolis native, Henry Severin, Jr. and celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, here’s hoping this corner remains preserved here for at least another 100 years.

Severin Hotel

What names jump out at you when you visit a cemetery? Do you recognize the names of stores, streets, former friends and family?

Pay attention to the names, you just may be inspired to journeys you never would have imagined.