Momentarily evoking the dining room scene in James Cameron’s 1997 film “Titanic,” this spoon on display in the Athenaeum here in Indianapolis, is representative of an era that cared about the smallest of details. Scrutinize the remaining relics of all those years ago: from spoon to door hinge to decorative architectural trim–the smallest of details were grand.

The task of keeping real silverware clean ensures that most no one in modern America continues to use the stuff. Often sold off at yard sales and second hand stores, you will frequently find initials or names engraved in the handle of the utensils that carried life sustenance from plate to palate. Though this is more Libby’s cup of tea, it’s worth mentioning that most hotels and restaurants of note had personalized and engraved utensils and other dining ware that you may still find and collect today.

Do you have any recollections of a place where you’ve dined that had personalized dining ware? What stands out in your memory? And does anywhere you go today have it?