The western astrological chart has been around since at least 2000 years BC and continues to fascinate many, while it is wholly disregarded by others. “One of the few remaining philosophies to maintain a holistic perspective, astrology teaches us that everything is interconnected.” says The Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers. “No person stands alone, for all people are part of shifting and dynamic relationships with other people, and each of these people is involved in shifting and dynamic relationships with the cycles of the cosmos.”

Well, as one of my favorite speakers, Tony Robbins, says: “Nothing has any meaning except the meaning I give it.” So, if that is what you glean from your zodiac sign or horoscope, super.

I’ve often wondered how the 12 signs ended up decorating the lower part of the Indianapolis Central Library’s (original) front facade, designed by Paul Philippe Cret, but I would like to think it has something to do with how connected we all are.

For fun, let’s look at the archetypes and roles associated with each sign. Which are you and does it represent you at all? Or does the description of another sign resonate more? (again, from¬†¬†The Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers by Saffi Crawford and Geraldine Sullivan)


Capricorn: the Father, he Authority Figure, ,the Worker, the Disciplinarian, the Traditionalist


Aquarius: the Humanitarian, the Detached Observer, the Inventor, the Scientist, the Friend, the Revolutionary, the Anarchist


Pisces: the Visionary, the Romantic, the Savior, the Mystic, the Healer, the Dreamer, the Poet


Aries: the Leader, the Enthusiast, the Pioneer, the Warrior, the Daredevil, the Competitor


Taurus: the Pragmatist, the Sensualist, the nature Lover, the Singer, the Evaluator


Cancer: the Mother, the Carer, the Psychic, the Counselor ,the Protector


Gemini: the Communicator, the Interpreter, the Writer, the Speaker, the Storyteller, the Educator


Virgo: the Analyst, the Perfectionist, the Researcher, the Servant, the Refiner, the Critic


Leo: the Performer, the King or Queen, the Child, the CReative Artist, the Lover, the Actor or Actress


Libra: the Lover, the Diplomat, the Partner, the Socializer, the Host or Hostess, the Balancer, the Negotiator


Scorpio: the Controller, the Hypnotist, the Magician, the Detective, the Transformer


Sagittarius: the Traveler, the Philosopher, the Optimist, the Seeker, the Foreigner

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