Where is this or was this? Help solve today’s mystery…

We have collected a variety of unlabeled photos in this line of work…but with the collective knowledge of our readership, chances are, we can solve a few mysteries.

This picture–among others yet to come–was taken by Charles F. Bretzman and even identifies the architects, Foltz & Parker and that the house is in Indianapolis, but alas, no address. Other than the clues left by the architecture, this article was published in 1909.

Anyone recognize this? Where is it?

[UPDATE] Thanks to our ever-knowledgable readers William Gulde and Therese Burns, we now know that this is an image of the Katharine Merrill Graydon house at 303 South Downey Avenue. Miss Graydon was an esteemed English professor at Butler University for many years, as well as being part of the influential Merrill and Graydon families.

Here is a current photo of the home, taken 3/26/11


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