Photo courtesy Faith Blackwell Photography

If you missed this space a couple weeks ago, HI turned 5 on July 19th and we wanted to do something special to celebrate. So…the HI Team, HI Sponsors and HI-est level Booster Club members gathered for an exclusive preview tour of the Parry Mansion in Golden Hill, recently restored by Jerico Properties. (Many thanks to John Lethen and the Jerico Team for their work and the private preview).

HI turns FIVE-FINAL-27

It was a ‘leave your shoes at the door’ proposition, and we all oohed and aahed our way through 21,000 square feet of mansion in David Parry’s former home.

HI turns FIVE-FINAL-47

More than half the fab HI Team (photo courtesy Faith Blackwell Photography)

HI would not exist without an awesome team of writers, photographers, orchestrators, and cadre of additional volunteers and specialists–some of whom appear in the above photo: Robby Slaughter, Dawn Olsen, Sharon Butsch Freeland, Shari Moon, Lisa Lorentz, Joan Hostetler, Theresa Goodwin, Libby Cierzniak, Laura Neidig, Ashley Haynes, Anne Schneider and Michele King. (and yours truly, extra HI-branded–click here if you want a HI bubble shirt)

Off screen: Jeremiah Nickerson and Faith Blackwell, and couldn’t make it: Jessica Ballard-Barnett, Ryan Hamlett, Jeff Kamm, Gwen Sunkel, Steve Campbell, Brandon McDonald, Pam Fraizer, and luckily, we have a few more on the way.

Some of our past team members (we miss you): Connie Zeigler, Raina Regan, Ellen Davis, Sergio Bennett, Natalie Warner, Dennis Horvath, Krystal Becker, Nathan Bilger, and others. Thanks to you all and here’s to another 5 years of inspiring Indy to know and love its places, people, and stories.

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In the meantime, enjoy these views of the Parry Mansion, through the eyes of HI’s team:


Close-up Fountain, Courtesy Lisa Lorentz

Photo Courtesy Anne Schneider, Hi newsletter Jedi

Fountain View, Courtesy Anne Schneider

Fountain View through iron gate, courtesy Theresa Goodwin

Fountain View through iron gate, courtesy Theresa Goodwin


French Doors Downstairs, courtesy Shari Moon


Chandelier, Courtesy Ashley Haynes

Bathroom, Courtesy Laura Neidig

Smaller Bathroom, Courtesy Laura Neidig


Crystal Doorknob, Courtesy Laura Neidig


Master Bath, Courtesy Shari Moon

Master Bath, Courtesy Jeremiah Nickerson

Ballroom, Courtesy Jeremiah Nickerson

Ballroom, Courtesy Jeremiah Nickerson

Ballroom, Courtesy Laura Neidig

Ballroom, Courtesy Laura Neidig

Ballroom, Courtesy Faith Blackwell Photography

Ashley Stargazing in Ballroom, Courtesy Faith Blackwell Photography


Back Yard Fountain Reflection, Photo: TBB


Dawn, traversing the acres in search of the perfect angle, Photo: TBB


The last of the HI Team, signing off for now! Photo courtesy Dawn Olsen