Hi there HI loves~
Want to know what the heck is going on here on the HI-Line?
Last week, our server had a power outage that had all sites they host down for almost 48 hours. I think we can all agree that technology is grand. When it works.
This week, there was some malware that was able to penetrate the site, causing it to go down again for the best part of a day.
We don’t want these sort of interruptions as long as the site is still up, so we made the big decision to change servers. Unfortunately, this means we need to hold off on posting new content until that has been completed.
Our site has a huge archive and is over 25GB. (Whatever that means. I just know it’s big–we do have over 1300 articles in our archives!)
Also: We need your help and support!
We recently learned…There are more than 7,500 readers who have visited HistoricIndianapolis.com 200+ times. If one of those readers paid even 25 cents per visit, that would be $50, for a start!