Detail of Naplab’s amazing Indianapolis neighborhoods map, 46″ x 48″

Indianapolis is one of those places where you ask where someone is from or where they live, the response is the name of a neighborhood or side of town. Consider this map your personal decoder ring.   One of the coolest maps you will ever see of historic and other neighborhoods of Indianapolis by our friends at Naplab – copies are still available.

And while we plan to add more substance to this list in the near future, you may want to start with the Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis, a group originally formed under what is now Indiana Landmarks.

We have heard readers say they want to hear more on Indianapolis neighborhoods, so here’s the starting list of Historic Neighborhoods of Indianapolis. Which is your favorite and who has stories to share? Please let us know if we missed any!

Arsenal Heights (Market St. to New York St., between State St. and Oriental St.)
Bates-Hendricks (I-70 to E. Beecher St., Madison to I-65)
Beech Grove (Prospect St. to E. Thompson Rd./465, between S. Keystone Ave(until I-65)S. Sherman Dr. and RR tracks/465)
Broad Ripple (White River to Kessler Blvd, between Meridian St. and Evanston Ave.)
Brookside (10th St. to Brookside Pkwy S Dr., between Rural St. and Sherman Dr.)
Butler-Tarkington (Central Canal to 38th St. and Meridian St.)
Chatham-Arch (I-65 to E. Michigan St., between N. East St. and N. College Ave.)
Community Heights (10th Street to 21st Street, between Emerson and Arlington)
Cottage Home (E. 10th St. to E. Michigan St., between RR and Oriental St.)
Crooked Creek
Crown Hill (38th St. to W. 30th St., between Martin Luther King Jr. St. and Meridian St.)
Cumberland (Welland St. to Warehouse Rd., between Meijer Store and Carroll Rd.)
East 10th Street
Emerson Heights(Tenth St. to Michigan St., between Linwood Ave. and Emerson Ave.)
Fall Creek Place (23rd St. to Fall Creek Pkwy S. Dr., from Pennsylvania to College)
Fayette Street
Fletcher Place (Louisiana St. to I-65, between East St. and I-70/I-65)
Forest Hills (Northview Ave to Kessler Blvd E. Dr., from the Monon Trail to College Ave.)
Fountain Square (English Ave to Raymond St., between I-70 and S. Keystone Ave.)
Garfield Park (E. Southern Ave. to E. Troy Ave., between Madison Ave. and Shelby St.)
Grace-Tuxedo Park (10th St. to Washington St., between Sherman Dr. and Linwood Ave.)
Haughville (16th St. to Michigan St., between Tibbs Ave. to the White River)
Hawthorne (W. Michigan St. to RR tracks, between N. Tibbs Ave and N. Belmont Ave.)
Herron-Morton Place (16th St. to 22nd St., between Pennsylvania St. and Central Ave.)
Irvington (10th St. to Brookville Rd., between Emerson Ave. and Edmondson Ave.)
Holy Cross (Michigan St. to Washington St., between I-65 and State St to Oriental St.)
Irish Hill (Washington St. to RR tracks near 250 Shelby St., between College Ave. and State St.)
Little Flower (16th St. to 10th St., between Emerson Ave. and Sherman Dr.)
Lockerbie Square (Michigan St. to New York St., between East St. and Davidson St.)
Martindale-Brightwood (30th St. to I-65, from the Monon Trail to Sherman Dr.)
Mass Ave
Meridian Park (30th St. to 34th St., east side of Meridian St. to the west side of New Jersey Street)
Meridian Street (40th St. to Westfield Blvd., from the west side of Pennsylvania St. to the  east side of Illinois St.)
Meridian-Highland (White River to W. 16th St., between I-65 and N. Meridian St.)
Meridian-Kessler (38th St. to Kessler Blvd., from the east side of Meridian to the Monon Trail)
New Augusta (W. 71st St. to W. 7rd St., between Georgetown Rd. and Purdy St.)
North Kessler Manor (E. 56th St. to Kessler Blvd. E. Dr, from Keystone Ave. to  Rural St.)
North Square (Fletcher Ave. to Virginia and Woodlawn Ave., between Calvary St. and Shelby St.)
Northwest Kessler (W. 48th St. to W. 56th St., from Northland Ave/Melbourne to Kessler Blvd. N. Dr.)
Norwood Place (Southeastern Ave. to Terrace Ave., between RR west of Vandeman Ave. and Sherman Dr.)
Old Mill Park
Old Northside (16th St. to I-65, between Pennsylvania St. and Bellefontaine)
Old Southside
Old Speedway (16th St to 10th St., between Main St. and Winton Ave.)
Oliver Johnson’s Woods (44th St. to 46th St., east side of Central Ave. to west side of College Ave.)
Ransom Place (W. St. Clair to W. 10th St., between Paca St. and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St.)
Rocky Ripple (W. 51st  St. to W. 54th St., between Riverview Dr. and Canal Blvd)
Southeast (Washington St. to Raymond St., between Madison St. and Keystone, Pleasant Run and Sherman Dr.)
Southport (S. Madison and Southport Rd.)
Springdale (Brookside Pkwy S Dr to 10th St., between N. Jefferson Ave and N. Rural St.)
St. Clair Place (10th St. to E. Michigan St.)
St. Joseph (I-65 to Ft. Wayne Ave., between Pennsylvania St. and Central Ave.)
Stringtown (W. Michigan St. to W. Washington St., between N. Belmont Ave. to N. White River Pkwy.)
Warfleigh (Between the Canal and White River from Riverview Drive to College Ave.)
Watson Park (Fairfield Ave. to 38th St., between Central Ave. and Woodland Ave.)
Wholesale District (Market St. to South St., between Capitol Ave. to Pennsylvania St.)
Williams Creek
Willard Park (East Washington St. to RR tracks, around S. State Ave.)
Windsor Place (East Brookside Ave. to E. 10th St., between Massachusetts Ave. and N. Jefferson Ave.)
Woodruff Place (E. Michigan St. to E. 10th St, east of Arsenal Technical HS)