Ever wondered which venues (like for a wedding, fundraiser, corporate retreat, or just a casual evening soiree) would rank as favorites among those who deal with historic buildings day in and day out? Even if you haven’t before, you probably are now…

Indiana’s State Conference on Preservation runs today through Friday here in Indianapolis, so we thought we’d ask a couple of our local leaders in that arena for their recommendations for historic event spaces. We are honored to have gotten responses from Indiana Landmarks President, Marsh Davis whose list of great historic venues includes (in no particular order):

  • Indiana Roof Ballroom
  • Irving Theatre
  • Fountain Square Ballroom
  • Madame Walker Theatre
  • Harrison Center for the Arts
  • Normandy Barn at the State Fairgrounds

And from Dr. James Glass, Director, Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

  • The auditorium or ballroom of Scottish Rite Cathedral
  • The auditorium of the Masonic Temple
  • The Egyptian Room at the Murat Temple
  • Athenaeum’s large banquet space downstairs

But, in all fairness, the experts weren’t allowed to repeat our favorites:

  • Indiana Landmarks Center
  • Union Station
    The first world’s first Union Station was here in Indianapolis, and the current 1888 building is only the second iteration. Check back here soon for part 1 of a short history of the station.
  • Columbia Club
  • State Capitol

And your vote is?

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  1. Barb L. says:

    Old section of the central library.

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