With apologies to those who prefer our usual smorgasbord of variety, I hope everyone has learned something about the Indianapolis City Market this week. Our facebook page will also return to our regularly scheduled programming. It must be said, however, that tonight’s “Pajama Game” came about, in part, because of a survey we conducted a few months ago. The respondents said they wanted to get IN to some of the places we featured. Tonight, we start a new phase of H.I. by bringing the audience into the historic city market and ask them to observe it like an explorer and to pick up some pieces of its history to take with you, in your memory bank.

The H.I. team is looking forward to seeing everyone tonight for this exciting new event and here are some of the finer details:

Our friends Ben Risinger and Slick LaRoo from DoItIndy will be helping host tonight, with Ben as emcee of the evening.

There are prizes to be won! Best male and best female Pajamas will be awarded a crown and a tiara and title of “H.I. Pajama King” and “H.I. Pajama Queen.” Executive Director of City Market, Stevi Stoesz will select 3 finalists each and the winner will be chosen by audience applause.

DOORS OPEN AT 11PM to get participants checked-in, and all participants must be there before 12:30am. The Pajama Game is timed and takes place from 12:30am-1:15am. Earlier arrivals can get a head start reading poster boards with clues, taking photos for the social media photo contest or hanging out drinking beer in Tomlinson Tap Room.

Cost is $10 cash; $11 with credit card- no checks please.

You can pre-purchase on eventbrite until 1pm today.

EXTRA LEG UP FOR YOU IF YOU BRING: Measuring tape, flashlight, writing utensil, smart phone or ipad.

A few of the exclusive H.I. Hayes & Taylor designed fundraiser t-shirts will be available for purchase for $30.

It’s gonna be a blast; please let us know if you have any questions.

Rules of the Hunt

1.        You may work individually or collectively, but 2 people maximum will be accepted per game sheet

2.        All answers must be completed and correct in order to be entered to win prizes

3.        When an H.I. team member has checked your answers, you will be given a drawing ticket and entered to win by random drawing

4.        5 winners of the hunt will be selected and allowed to choose from available prizes in the order drawn

5.        Contestants will be given 45 minutes (0:30am-1:15am) to complete and turn in completed game sheets

To Play

Each answer has one space per letter for the word or words of the correct answer. Within each answer there is 1 (or more) parentheses; all letters within parentheses should be collected to unscramble the anagram at the end for the final answer.

To Answer Questions

  1. Some answers will be found on colored or other poster boards throughout the market. Each colored poster board has the same information. Some answers may be found on Historic (hint: there is a search box on the home page). And within the past 2 weeks on instagram (@herstoryindy) you may find at least one answer. (Though there are other ways to find it also.)
  2. Once completed – Return to Registration for H.I. station (by the Market Street entrance) for an H.I. team member to validate your answer earn a ticket for your chance to win prizes.
  3. Drawing to take place approximately 1:45am. Must be present to win.


2 responses to “How To Make History…Fun”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Cool! This approach is just out of the start gate at Churchill Downs (a historic structure in itself)! OK!

  2. Sharon Butsch Freeland says:

    Thank you for coming up with such a creative way to get people involved in Indianapolis history. I am really bummed that I must miss tonight’s fun and games. It seems I have injured my leg. It’s painful enough just standing still, but walking on it is downright excruciating. I’d really been looking forward to taking some photos of the catacombs to show to my 90-year-old mother, Gloria (Tomlinson) Butsch Bulger, and other Tomlinson-connected relatives. Although we are not direct descendants of Stephen Decatur Tomlinson (he had none; his only son died in childhood), we figure our Tomlinson clan must connect to his somewhere. I hope the event is a big success.

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