People gather to look at the fire-damaged Briggs Flats in this August 30, 1948 photograph. The brick, Romanesque Revival apartment building was constructed at 546-552 Fletcher Avenue in 1893. It featured an arched porch and terra cotta ornamentation along the gable. (Indianapolis Fire Department Collection)

The building was repaired after the 1948 fire, but by the 1970s it was abandoned and became a victim of arson and vandalism. (Indiana Landmarks, 1982)

After being stabilized and marketed for over a decade, the apartment building was restored in 1997 as low-to-moderate-income housing by Southeast Neighborhood Development, Concord Community Development, and Indiana Landmarks. Today Fletcher Place neighborhood  has undergone much restoration and consists of the Fletcher Place Historic District and the Holy Rosary-Danish Church Historic District (sometimes called Fletcher Place II). The neighborhood’s charming homes and proximity to downtown, Fountain Square, and the Cultural Trail makes Fletcher Place a popular place to live.

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  1. Tank says:

    Holy Rosary “Danish” Church???? I didn’t know the Italians had converted.

  2. Joan Hostetler says:

    That should actually have a hyphen: Holy Rosary-Danish Church Historic District. It was named for the two prominent churches in the area. Read more about the district here:

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