Architects such as Vonnegut and Bohn, Francis Costigan, and Rubush and Hunter are well remembered and celebrated in Indianapolis, but how many of us can name a contractor from times past (other than Jungclaus-Campbell, a family-owned business on Massachusetts Avenue dating to 1875)? Contractors and carpenters are the unsung heroes of our built environment since they interpreted the architectural drawings and made them a reality. Wilmer F. Christian (1838-1929), along with James E. Shover (1841-1911), deserve recognition for their 24-year partnership between 1866 and 1891 when they constructed dozens of houses and buildings in central Indiana.  They began with frame houses, eventually contracting for business blocks and more upscale homes. Their better-known buildings include the Bates Building (also called “The When,”), the Denison Hotel, Indianapolis Stockyards, the Macy and Malott houses, the Enterprise Hotel, the grand Bates-Allen-Parry-McGowan house, and the completion of the Benjamin Harrison house (now the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site). One of Shover and Christian’s houses was Christian’s own brick Italianate double house built in 1885 at 404 N. Alabama Street (206-208 N. Alabama before the city’s address renumbering initiative in 1897).