Ever pondered what the gals of yesteryear Indianapolis donned for Halloween?

Guaranteed she wouldn’t have been an overt strumpet like the vast majority of 21st century costume-clad characters, but let’s look at the creative dressing-up repertoire of 1917 from the young ladies of Tudor Hall:

From the above photo, other than a troupe of harlequins, there appear to be a couple farmers, ballerina, and young ladies dressed in some kind of mens’ riding gear? What else do you see here?

From this grouping, a multi-cultural contingent emerges–Dutch for one, gypsies second and beyond that, ok, not so sure. Sailor, railroader, little girl, and again, a couple of gals in guys gear. What else do you see?

Biggest oddity: was that ball a class mascot or something? Why do you think it’s in both photos? Any thoughts?

Please share: what was the best, most creative or favorite costume you ever wore?

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