If you monitor this website now and then, you will know that new content hasn’t been added for quite some time, while I work on a book about Indianapolis wheel history. And when I say “wheel” I mean it in the Victorian parlance, the nickname often ascribed to bicycles in its early days.

One of the bicycle brands manufactured in Indianapolis in the 1890s.

After five years of research, the book-writing part is finally under way! From high wheels to automobiles; from the men, to the manufacturers– and all the magic they made.

The one event for which I will be previewing content from the upcoming book is the International Cycling History Conference, taking place in Indianapolis, July 16-20, 2022 at the Indiana War Memorial.  I will be Keynote speaker on Sunday July 17, 2022, at 7pm.  Local poet, Januarie York will be performing “A Major Deal,” and Marshall “Major” Taylor’s great-granddaughter, Karen Brown Donovan are also speaking that night.

(from private collection) A gathering of wheelmen at Harry Hearsey’s bicycle shop on North Pennsylvania Street.

If you have ever wondered how the bicycling era lead into the auto era, this is for you.

Kisha Tandy, the curator of social history at the Indiana State Museum will be the keynote speaker on Monday, July 18, 2022, at 7pm, talking about Indianapolis native, and world champion, Marshall “Major” Taylor and Indianapolis. She lead the team creating the fabulous current exhibit there: “Major Taylor- Fastest Cyclist in the World.”

Hope to see you there, friends!     -Tiffany

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