Advertised to upscale local ladies in 1916: fine clothing. Of course, some of the upper class traveled as far as Europe and beyond to secure unique and fashionable wardrobes. Others perhaps made a bi-annual pilgrimage to New York City, and still others may have found a quick trip to Chicago to Lucile Ltd. more convenient.

If Oscars had existed in this time period, Lucile would have been one of the most frequently featured designers, and certainly would have been as sought after by actresses as the rest of the social elite of this country.

This ad for Lucile Ltd beckons Indianapolis ladies to their Lake Shore Drive salon for their finery. Lucile Ltd was the brand of Lady Duff Gordon, survivor of Titanic.

An excellent example of a Lucile evening dress can be seen here.

A detailed look at a Lucile dress and quick bio:



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