Tonight, the 2nd of the 3-part Ken Burns documentary series, “Prohibition,” airs on PBS, and as of this posting,  you can still catch up on episode 1 online. The era of prohibition, synonymous with the “Jazz Age” is one that I’ve always found mesmerizing; to date, my favorite documentary is another Ken Burns epic, “Jazz.” Flappers, bathtub gin, the Charleston, The Great Gatsby–all evoke horribly romantic visions for me–I feel half drunk just thinking about it. So, sticking with the theme of Beers, Booze and Bars…I thought today’s Ladies Lounge could throw ‘broads’ into the mix. And as an aside, I’ll be tweeting for Indiana Humanities on October 18th for “Chew on This” (follow @historicindiana) at one of the best historic drinking venues in town, The Rathskellar. (Click the Humanities link for more details.)