Charm Magazine, February 1953

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So. You’re sitting at your favorite bar, imbibing and chatting away with one of your besties. The bar is hopping, because, well…of course, dahling: you wouldn’t spend time anywhere that doesn’t have a queue out the door every Friday and Saturday night–let’s be real. Although aforementioned door is in a constant state of opening and closing–and you’ve long since stopped looking up every time it does one or the other–there may come a moment you are compelled to look around; you sense a change of chemistry of the room. Someone with a special style, flair or indomitable joie de vivre has entered the building. And it ain’t Elvis. Nope, far more intriguing than a rock star (living or dead), is an individual so self-possessed, poised and/or unique, the whole room slows to a near halt for a second. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

Unless of course, you’re like one of the gals in my circle who, as it happens, rock the vintage-wear.

Charm Magazine, February 1953

I know, I know–you think not everyone can pull it off. Au contraire, kittens–as with most things in life, it’s about attitude. And if you don’t yet have the attitude, do what all the ladies who do have the ‘tude  have done before you: fake it til you make it. And I’m gonna give you step one:  Get. A. Vintage. Coat.

And you won’t have to thank me later. My besties and I will be craning our heads to see the fabulous gal who just entered the building. I’ll smile, nod and wink and think, ‘wow, she’s really something.’

Charm Magazine, Febrauary 1953

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