The palette for the autumn 1896 season was described as 'two shades lighter than emerald.' And wouldn't this have made a strong impression in a vibrant green?

September 1896–How tiresome and drab I find my wardrobe of late… Today: shopping. I must find a new autumn jacket–the mutton sleeves and high collar now in favor will suit me well. How smart shall I look when I take a turn about to the old Circle Park!  How is our new monument coming along, I wonder? Perhaps I may stop for a cup of tea at English’s before I make my way back home to Morton Place–so serene and  far removed  from the incessant bustle of the city–much less smoke, and thus fresher air, I am thankful to say…


September 1968- a spry 90 year-old lady and former resident of Indianapolis reflects on her refined youth, bound into corsets–recalling one with a ‘cork protector down the front.’ The advert read “…you would scarcely know it was there.” Unless, of course, you wanted to breathe, unencumbered…

One response to “Ladies Lounge: Fall 1896, New York Store”

  1. Ken Turchi says:

    The New York Store was on East Washington Street. It competed with Ayres, Block’s, and Wasson’s but went bankrupt in 1932 and was liquidated. The building burned in a spectacular fire in 1973.

    I’ve written a book about L. .S. Ayres & Co., to be published next year by the Indiana Historical Society.

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