Ahh, to have been a Lady Who Lunched in Indianapolis in the 1930’s, 40’s or 50’s.

Would you have opted for “That Ayres Look” or …well, what would you have been called if you preferred Block’s? A Block Babe? Nah, too recent and colloquial. Building Blocks of Beauty? No, again, not quite right. Ok, so I have no future in advertising. What I do hold in my future is more suits of this era. Vintage suits (as well as dresses and other garments) are well constructed, of high quality materials and the ultimate in showcasing female pulchritude. The suits of today look so sad next to those of the World War II era, in particular.

I vote for bringing back quality attire and formal ladies ‘tea rooms’ of yesteryear. Who else is with me? Leave cheap frumpyville behind forevermore–life is too short!

February 1950, William H. Block

And by the by, while the majority wax poetical about the L.S. Ayres Tea Room, I may be a convert, based on the fabulous recent article in Indianapolis Monthly, showcasing the William H. Block building (100 year anniversary this month). The October 2011 issue  features the decorous tea room of that notable department store.  I can certainly imagine spending some quality time there.

Deepest thanks again to Thomas Brown for sharing his collection of local vintage advertising with us!