Does the sight of a baby ever prompt you to wonder what the world will look like for that child when he or she is decades older? Or maybe when they are your age? Think of what they’ll experience: the buildings, fashions, transportation and other components of daily life? ┬áSo what if we ask ourselves this question from the vantage point of 100 years ago?

That’s what came to mind in looking at a couple of glamorous gowns advertised in Indianapolis of yesteryear. The first, advertised by the William H. Block Company, features a Hattie Carnegie design from 1943–would it have appealed to the 30 year-old you?

Hattie Carnegie for William H. Block

Would the second dress, advertising That Ayres Look, from 1953 appeal to the 40 year old you if you’d been born in 1913?

Who doesn’t love coming across old photos–labeled or not–of Indianapolis of decades ago: women and men dressed in their finest, dancing or dining, and always embodying the fashion of the time.

Thinking strictly of fashion, when do you wish you’d been born to best take advantage of the styles you’d have liked to don on a daily basis?

LS Ayres 1953

One response to “Ladies Lounge: Glamour For an Indy Woman, Born 1913”

  1. Julie says:

    Many fashion styles of the 20th century are relatively timeless ~ including the two you’ve shown. I think I love them at any age!

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