You won’t catch THIS crowd sporting a jaunty cartoon of a “Leprechaun,” but perhaps we may be prevailed upon to rock a spot of green for the coming ‘holiday.’  There is indeed a way every woman can work green into her repertoire. And considering you may anticipate getting pinched if you don’t (during this coming weekend), we’ve pulled a few inspirations together for you–whether you’re in Indianapolis, or somewhere else.

You could…find a lovely dress with simple lines and a fabric that incorporates a splash of green…


you could pick a little jewel or two. Or a big bodacious y bunch of jewels…

Embrace international pride? Viva Italia! Actually, this dress won James Galanos his first Fashion Critics’ Award (from his 1954 collection) and originally cost $600. This would make a fabulous Christmas Ball gown also, come to think of it…

A bright green coat or jacket makes a compelling contrast against a white, black or other neutral background. As we see below, green can be the dramatic highlight of an outfit. Especially as outerwear.

How about a gorgeous (1946) wool suit? Clean classic lines and a gorgeous shade of green…making all other accessories black or neutral would be fabulous with this suit. (by Sophie)

Summery yes, but all over and classy application of green–here a sheath from 1959

Even Katherine Hepburn would have fallen in line with this little number–and you could too–combine two shades of green, one super subtle, the other a deeper value. Slacks or skirt–either works.

For the glamour-puss in you: a full length gown of flirty chiffon by Sophie with matching giant scarf to be worn “floating or tied in front.” Go all the way with matching necklace (this one by Seaman Schepps) March 1957

Finally, from July 1957–can’t tell if it’s a couture ballgown or an over-the-top night gown– but this voluminous light blush of green number hints at the final idea: an undergarment or after hours special. If you can’t pull off a head-to-toe, two-shades-of-green outfit, you can go incognito, hiding a splash of green in a place that is ‘invitation only.’

Wishing you the luck of the Irish…

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