Flashback to a time when more of us actually were ladies– rather than puffed up siliconed, girls-gone-wild, overly made up, super desperate for the attention of…well…anyone. I know it’s been awhile, and this may be taxing on your imagination, but go with me on this… we used to look beautiful at games, ladies. And not in the over-the-top, trying too hard way, but in day to day discourse, nothing less was allowed way.

The “C” word is an affront to my eyes. And if you ever watch “What Not to Wear,” you know I’m referring to the word “comfortable.” Yes, for the most part, women of 2012 are “comfortable,” but my heavens, do they look a mess. As you may have noticed, my aesthetic would never allow for perusing shops in your jammies or the sweats you’ve had since your college days a couple decades ago. That’s fine around the house, but what does it say to the outside world?

And the styles we’ve taken to around sports are especially gag-worthy. I try to understand why we women have taken to wearing faux jerseys like the guys (I must indict myself here, as well–I do have a couple–but it sure doesn’t look right). Every time I have put one on, I think “Why can’t I look good and represent the team?” Of course, some of the gals have figured out how to tart up their tops to match their painted-on jeans, but I just can’t find a sport-event style that works for me. See photo below: I have crafted my own version of a team-endorsing top, allowing me to be somewhat feminine, but it’s still not the norm for me. Here’s my ‘pitch’:  I think we should return, as ever, to a more formal time, where we looked like ladies (game day or otherwise)… not mini-men, able to swill beer, burp and whatever else, with the boys.

With my friend and master networker, Hazel Walker, in the Mayor's Suite at Lucas Oil Stadium wearing the shirt I re-crafted to be more feminine...

That Joan Baez quote came to mind, as I considered what I’d write: “Instead of getting hard ourselves and trying to compete, women should try and give their best qualities to men – bring them softness, teach them how to cry.” I am a woman, always will be and won’t chance being mistaken for anything besides in how I dress. Who’s with me?

In days past, most women looked beautiful and classy at all times, and I say let’s return!

Borrowing a page from my friend Erin over at yuspie, I’m trying something different today–I gathered my suggestions on a couple pinterest boards–which is a great place to store your inspiration on any topic. I’ve made a board of suggested clothes that gals would be wearing in my world for this week and a separate board for the accessories, shoes and undergarments.

And while I was tooling around on the internet, looking for vintage photos of football spectators (and I didn’t find many)  I found a really awesome picture of spectators in this interesting site dedicated to “A Collection of vernacular photographs documenting African-Americana.”

Go forth, and be fabulous, ladies. Whether you agree with me or not, please, at least consider it! XO




2 responses to “Ladies Lounge: How You Could Rock the Super Bowl Like a Lady-Oldschool Style”

  1. Hazel Walker says:

    OMG I forgot that you had that photo! You look so cute and I look like your mother. HUGS

  2. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    You do not! I think we both looked a little weary from lack of beer! ha.

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