This suit was available at HP Wasson in 1953

This dress/ jacket combo was available from WH Block in 1953

Rarely does a gal receive more compliments than when wearing a vintage suit, yet so many are timid about trying them out. After looking at the above vintage adverts for suits of yesteryear, surely, you can see the appeal. As luck would have it, Queen Bee Vintage has a number of suits and specifically, vintage Indianapolis brands–some we all know, and others heretofore unbeknownst–in suits and coats and other items. Should you be looking for both vintage suit and Indianapolis brands, Minx has several-see images that follow…

Vintage Wm H. Block suit currently at Minx

Label close-up, Wm H. Block Co.

This suit is from the “French Salon” of Wm. H. Block Co. – if anyone knows more about specific salons within Block’s, would love to know!

Close-up of the label from French Salon

One of the Wasson’s suits available at Queen Bee Vintage

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