Each city has a lengthy list of beloved local brands that existed over the decades. Do you take note when chancing on an old Indianapolis brand? Whether it be clothes, hats, furniture or anything else– who’s heart doesn’t skip a beat when spying a William H. Block, L. S. Ayres or H. P. Wasson label? But even more exciting is chancing upon a lesser known label of yesteryear. Recently stumbled on a gorgeous soft black fur coat, labeled “Marilyn Furs.”

Who knows and recalls any other Indianapolis brands of clothing outside the usual?  Anyone recall this Laura Martin dress shop at 49th & Pennsylvania? The hat box  featured here appears to be circa 1960’s.

There are plenty of Indianapolis brands that are gone forever, but we can at least work to document and share them…

Recently found at an antique mall…

The Laura Martin hat box, with address 4913 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis. Know anyone who shopped there?

5 responses to “Ladies Lounge: Labels of Indianapolis Past- Need Your Help”

  1. Tracey Michael says:

    Anderson Furs -I can’t get my mind was the phrase on the TV commercials.

  2. randy bates says:

    The Laura Martin shop was very exclusive. very few items in the showroom. they would ask what you were looking for, and then bring items from the back. Also, would buy for special customers during new york trips.

  3. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Thanks for that tidbit! Much appreciated! One more reason I love this audience! I get asked some questions and answered some questions. 🙂

  4. Dee Fowler says:

    I have a full length Marilyn Fur, black, that belonged to my great aunt.

  5. Rhonda Figueroa says:

    My Grandma worked there for several years. I remember visiting her while she was at work.

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