Let’s look at what ladies were up to in May 1958 with a few highlights from the Ladies Home Journal. Though it is a national magazine, it was delivered to Indianapolis.

The makeup style and lipstick color du jour:

LLMay195801Some handbag accessories:

LLMay195802Foundation wear, and part of the awesome Maidenform campaign of the time:

LLMay195803Spring shoes, with open toe…

LLMay195804Talking on the phone “taking the blues out of night” –still going strong, despite the design changes to the phone…

LLMay195805A few views of a summer cottage from “Vacation Cottages that Cost from $2300 to $3900” for the Mid-Century Modern lovers…


plywood as a selling point?

LLMay1958015The screened in porch

LLMay1958017The ‘monthly curse’ doesn’t seem so cursed in this view. And ‘gossamer-soft’? Definitely before my time…

LLMay1958018The lost art of letter writing–Am I one of the last people on earth to write hand written cards and letters (for occasions other than a birthday or wedding)?

LLMay1958019TWA–even I remember flying it…

LLMay1958020I see the merits of this versatile dress


For refreshment…


Awnings were popular in Victorian times too, but not sure if they were made of canvas. I love the old house photos that show most homes had awnings. Wonder exactly when those went out of fashion?


Drinking out of glass is infinitely better than plastic, tin or anything else…

LLMay195807And a few dresses of May 1958. Ooh la la!


This one needs to show up in my closet. Wear something fabulous this week!

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