If you haven’t heard, we’re putting on the “City Market Pajama Game” this coming Saturday, June 16th. So, great time to look back over a few decades of nightwear. The above is a photo of a woman in the 1920’s. The 20’s was a time of hiding the natural curves of the female form. This was likely a lightweight silk.

Below: 1930’s, which tended towards full length, whether day or nightwear.

The following 1940s gowns are specifically noted as hospital–and are not so traditional, not being full length.

Much of the 1940’s nightwear retained longer lengths and luxurious fabrics–silk or satin, typically.

These pant pajamas are also from the 1940’s.

These 50’s pajamas are called “Mandarin style” because of the collar and closure.

These 50’s nighties are more loose and flowy and look more oriented for someone in their 20s or younger.

This set has a bed jacket, a more formal nightgown, and an around the house short robe–still all 1950’s.In the 1960’s, capri pants became popular (think Gidget) and that style and other shorter length pants were popular in nightwear as well.

The Pajama Game will feature prizes for the best pajamas–for women and for men. At least one of us will not be wearing a t-shirt and boxers or pants, and will keep it vintage…



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