It’s often difficult to find vintage Indianapolis ads or other ephemera we’d love to acquire to share with the fine readers of –so what a delight to find some on

We’ve taken the plunge, diving head first into curating boards on pinterest relevant to Historic Indianapolis. Please feel free to peruse all the boards, but as today’s substitution for a longer post, enjoy our Indianapolis Fashion board.  What will you find there? Expect pieces of Indianapolis past as relates to fashion–more adverts like the above– adverts we find for Ayres, Block’s, Real Silk and more.

We will also continue to add any labels from Indianapolis clothiers on the Indianapolis Labels board.

Or peruse all our boards:

While we’re at it, if you’re the type that likes a sneak peek now and then or behind-the-scenes stuff,  and you have Instagram, find HI’s feed at @herstoryindy



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