Real Silk Hosiery was one of the more successful and well known manufacturers in Indianapolis of yesteryear. Lucky we are that the Real Silk Lofts, (where hosiery, lingerie, undergarments and eventually products needed for World War II were created) are still there. That water tower makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of it. Real Silk operations began in 1922 and ceased¬† in the 1950’s. Check out a few of the fun adverts (for sale on ebay right now) from our very own Real Silk through a few decades:¬† 1925


1938 & 1939


Sewing kits, date unknown–these are often just as artistically beautiful as the adverts are–anyone out there remember owning a pair or seeing a female relative with any Real Silk goods? If I lived there, I’d have a huge collection of this stuff on display…