If you can listen while you read, this is the song on my mind as I look at these clothes…

A few selections from Spring 1936, featured in local shops. I admit, I was not familiar with a store called Miller’s, previously located at 26-28 West Washington Street–but if these fashions are any indication of what I would find in their 1936 store, I will add this to my number of stops when my time machine is ready for travel.


The printed triple sheer dress is the stand-out for me. As well as the slip–vintage slips and lingerie are one of my passions, and will be featured in an upcoming post!


And from our beloved L.S. Ayres…some ‘smashing’ dresses–hard to think of this attire relegated to the ‘budget’ shop. Hard to reconcile the fact that women today hardly look presentable unless there’s a special occasion…

1930’s era dresses, to my way of thinking, are some of the sexiest of any era yet. Body conscious, but not trampy. Covered in material but still showcasing the feminine figure.

If I tap my heels together, can I return to a world where no woman wears sweats or p.j. bottoms on public streets?


I can dream, can’t I?

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