Hats, hats, glorious hats! Oh how I love a great hat! these spring 1957 beauties are a little reminder of fashion’s past. Though I’m far more inclined to don a big and wide-brimmed hat, this one is almost the HI brand color, so I might make an exception…this one is an organza turban by Irene of New York.

My feeling is you need a small head and/or short hair to get away with a cloche hat. This “softly crushed” cloche is silk blue silk wrapped around golden colored straw by Emme.

This brimmed rough straw hat with a veil by Emme looks fun for spring. You don’t normally think of the veil with such an informal fabric, but in this incarnation and styling, it seems to work. Who knows when veils like these started and what were they intended to do? Keep flies out of your eyes? I’ve always wondered…

Bright red is an eye-catching color, wherever you put it, but this rough straw beret by Elizabeth Marks just looks funny to me. Could you get away with this one? And with what? Do tell!

What are the chances of  super-feminine hats coming back in a big way? Mad Men has helped re-popularize the fedora for the fellas–and for we gals to borrow–but not sure about the rest…what do you think?

The IMA’s fashion society has an inaugural event coming up May 3rd where you can where any hat you choose! More on Hats Off at the IMA.

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