Other than the members of my high school’s water polo or swim team, I can’t recall anyone my age donning a swim cap. I do, however,  seem to recall little old ladies and women in black and white movies that would never be caught without one if there was any water-related activity in the program.

Perhaps it’s my usual  love of all things vintage, but there just seems something so sexy about the way women pulled off swimwear ‘back in the day,’ including the wearing of swim caps. Perhaps its the covering up of one of our feminine treasures, while showing off more of the rest of us? I’m a firm believer that ‘sexy’ always leaves something to the imagination: in this instance, covering a lengthy mane.

Shall we bring back the decorative swim cap, ladies?

The above swim cap is considered the "Aviator Style" with the strap--mirroring the ace flyers of prior years.

Colorful, but fairly simple

With a strap, but more decorative...

Wish I'd had this one for the 4th!

How about a head full of flowers?

Any of these strike your fancy? If you were going to wear a swim cap, what style would be your style?

And just for fun, check out a brief  ‘fashion show’ of swim caps in the UK.