It was the Fall of 1948 and you and your new husband had just settled into his family’s home on North Meridian Street in the 5000’s. He’d fallen in love with you as much for your effortless manner as your impeccable style. On a dreary day to include long-distance travel, a creative whim prompted you to match your gloves with the teal hat-feather and it amused you.

Having studied at the Art Institute, you knew how to work a color wheel to its best advantage and selected a deep cranberry blouse–perfectly complementing the bright winks of teal. Against the rest of a demure grey suit by Irene, you captured everyone’s gaze with your easy confidence and grace, making your way through a bustling Union Station. Your husband was the envy of many a young chap who had followed that bouncing teal feather to a warm embrace on the platform…

One response to “Ladies Lounge: That Ayres Look, 1948”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    My mother was in love with “that Ayres look”, and hooked my “kid” sister on it too! My sister likes it now, even though she and her husband have now retired to Houston Texas!

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