Remember when ladies and gentlemen donned their finest attire on Easter Sunday–looking well put together, regardless of finances? Or can memory recall when there were many ladies and gentlemen to speak of at all? Easter always evokes memories of a new dress–always the best in my closet–and my earliest experience with gloves and hats. My mother followed the tradition she knew, passing it along to me.  What we did at church, I don’t remember, but I do recall those favorite (Easter) dresses.

These Ayres looks from Spring of 1937 and 1938 (again, courtesy of Thomas Brown–thank you so much) may have been worn to one of the regal churches of our fair metropolis on Easter Sunday. If anyone has a treasure trove of photos of yesteryear on Easter Sunday, please feel free to share! And then consider the difference of then and now. It is shocking, if not, appalling, to see what passes for Easter attire these days (based on my observations yesterday). Or really, for every day clothing, come to think of it. I shall remain wistful for the days when women were ladies and little girls were groomed to become young ladies.


Above, Spring 1937

Below, Spring 1938


And my inspiration–my mom in the 1950’s. My great-grandmother would dress my mother up like a frilly little doll.  My mother wore the finest, most beautiful dresses imaginable. This is an Easter dress she modeled for a store called Neumode in Bloomington. (Even though she was an Indianapolis girl, her grandparents were in Bloomington).

May there be beautiful clothes in the future for all of us–at Easter and throughout the year!


I love that I can see my great grandmother’s reflection on the building. I believe the store was on the Courthouse Square in downtown Bloomington.

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